Monday, November 17, 2008

wedding & work update, change of address

Twelve Days to go!
Wow, only twelve days until Allison and I get married! We invite all of our friends to join us in "counting down the days" by visiting our wedding webpage. There you can read a little bit about each of us and how God brought us together.('d love for you to sign our Guestbook and RSVP if you're planning to come celebrate in Norman, OK. There is also information on the time, directions, and gift registries on the Details for Our Guests page.

Where has the time gone? Here have been some of the things occupying our time in the final weeks before our marriage: marriage counseling sessions and homework, engagement photos, gathering addresses for invitations, bridal showers, ordering my suit and having the pants hemmed, finding ties for the men to match the bridesmaid gowns, organizing the wedding music, ceremony and vows, picking out wedding bands, opening gifts, and writing thank-you notes. We still need to take care of many other details! Please keep us in your prayers!

Honeymoon Plans
Many of you have been curious about our honeymoon. We're going to Greece! Three nights in Santorini and three nights in Athens. Allison has already been trying to learn modern Greek through audio lessons. She really does have a knack for picking up languages. I'm impressed (and glad she'll be tagging along with me)!

602 Madison Ct, Duncanville, TX 75137-2537My New Address: Eric Pyle, 602 Madison Ct, Duncanville, TX 75137-2537. Our first few months we will be house-sitting close to where I work. This is a tremendous blessing for us as we start our new life together financially and try to figure out a budget that will work for us in the upcoming year. I'm now in the process of moving. Allison has already found a roommate to take her place where she's renting. We covet your prayers for our new life together!

My Office Space
Our next corporate release of Fieldworks
is expected to be available at the beginning of 2009. Our software development has moved from bug fixing to allowing some final improvements. Most programmers enjoy making improvements because you get the opportunity to make software do something that has never been done before. Wycliffe Bible Translators provide direct feedback for how we can make their work more effective and efficient. It's exciting to empower missionaries to do things with their knowledge of languages that they've never been able to do before with computers!

We recently heard the news that Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx), our Dictionary & Grammar tool, is now being employed for at least 24 language projects in Western Africa. Would you believe those 24 languages account for around 5 million people who have Scripture needs?

FLEx astounds some old friends. Kim and Tony, friends of mine from high school, are now Southern Baptist missionaries in Southeast Asia. Listen to Kim's response when she recently encountered our software: "I just saw your FieldWorks Language Explorer in action!! There is an SIL guy that is going to be moving [here] soon, and he is looking for a house. He just turned on his computer to show us how it works. It is amazing! [My husband] Tony is even getting ready to download it now. It was so neat to hear him talk about the program and then realize that it is the program you have been working on!!" -- Kim

Company Matching Gifts Program Now Available! Many of you may be able to obtain forms from your employer for matching your donations to charitable organizations. If you're interested in submitting a form to match your contribution to my ministry, please contact me for more information!

Yours eternally in Christ,
Eric D. Pyle

Webpage :
Personal Address : 602 Madison Ct, Duncanville, TX 75137 (469-222-2865)
Wycliffe Bible Translators : P.O. Box 628200, Orlando, Florida 32862-8200

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Matt said...

Congrats, Eric. Exciting news. Somehow I think I missed it earlier in the year.